We Sailed the Atlantic to The Bahamas.

I’ve always been most comfortable with things that move on water; except Jet Ski’s, haven’t gotten the hang of those yet. I’m not sure if it’s that I feel safer on water, or if it’s just a preference. Once I had the opportunity to see the point where the Atlantic and Carribean oceans meet in…

That Black Girl in The Dominican Republic.

It was my first service trip. I was still studying psychology at Rutgers University and had a budding interest in community service. So in the summer of 2013, I swapped classes for a plane ticket and traveled with a group of 18 other students to the D.R’s capital city – Santo Domingo.

Taste it or Leave it : A Coca-Cola Story

“There’s something about the Fanta in Nigeria, it’s sweeter as if sugar cane was used to sweeten it; the Fanta here [in the U.S] doesn’t taste as sweet”. These words are from a conversation I had with my cousin years ago. It was the first time I had ever considered that the Fanta I drank in Florida tasted different in Nigeria.

Old Friends, New Memories.

8 years ago we were teenagers trying to escape the confines of our boarding school as quickly as possible; now there we were at brunch, thousands of miles from said school, independent, talking about our lives as young adults. It felt surreal.

Last Stop – Centennial Park.

The scent coming from our Uber was pungent but having sat down already, we endured it for the 10-minute drive to Atlanta’s Edgewood neighborhood. Despite the chilly breeze, we put down the windows to breathe in fresh air and only after that could we talk. Faith, in her usual friendly manner, asked the driver what we…

Cacao + The Coast.

The Coast. 2am. It was late. Too late, I thought for any of us to happily wake up to head to the beach in the morning. Our call time was terrible. We needed to be down by 7:45am at the latest. I was so sleep deprived that I considered suggesting we move the beach to…

Planning to visit Cartagena?

Since I posted my first photo from Cartagena, I’ve gotten a number of questions that focused heavily on how I navigated the vacation. What activities I did, how I dealt with safety issues, the language barrier, visa info + more. Although I answered each person individually, I penned this post to consolidate answers to all…

At Home in Cartagena.

I tend to get this feeling when traveling in Latin America; like I left one home and stepped right into another one.

Hometown Tourist in Wynwood, Miami

“I think Miami is trying to have seasons,” I said sardonically, both to myself and my followers on Twitter. It was 72 degrees outside – a sign that fall had arrived- not what my more northern American friends might describe as cold but it was also overcast and windy and not at all how I…