A weekend at Lake Tahoe

In April, Lake Tahoe is in transition from winter to spring. Snow has stopped falling to the ground and instead clings to mountain peaks.

April 16: Rays of amber light flood the living room of our rented apartment as the sun sets over Lake Tahoe. I pull out my phone to film the scene, struck -like it’s my first time- by how vividly a sunset paints the sky.

Inside, Ju mixes cocktails made from gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, and mint. Someone passes around bowls of homemade Greek salad for dinner, alongside empanadas from a local restaurant. The night fills with laughter and the type of arguments only board games can incite. When we fall asleep, it’s too late for anyone to wake up well-rested. 

April 17: On the Skunk Harbor trail, we find a shortcut to a secluded beach. Our steps are careful as we cross a sea of fallen trees, pine cones, and pieces of wood to reach it. Each person helps the other across until we step out onto the gravelly sand. The view is exquisite here–of a cloudless sky and the snow-dusted mountain range beneath it.

April 18: On our last afternoon in town, the sun brings warmth with it. We switch out jackets for bathing suits and paddle along the vast expanse of Lake Tahoe in see-through kayaks. Beneath us, the water is icy. I run my fingers through the gentle waves, enjoying the bracing feeling. For an hour, our tour guide leads us through crystal clear water and past the soaring mountains and cavernous rock that span across the pristine freshwater lake.

This is my second time visiting Lake Tahoe, and each time the landscape is dreamlike–I can hardly believe it’s there. I’m grateful, always, for the opportunity to visit places like this. Where’s the last place you visited that left you in awe?

As always,

thank you for reading. To read another story from Lake Tahoe, click here.

All photos shot on iPhone

Same footprints, Different sands


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