A weekend on the Algarve Coast

Early in the day, we sail along the Algarve coast, through icy water and cavernous rocks, past caramel sand beaches where a few brave bodies dip naked toes into the shallow surf.

5 hours in Madrid, Spain

Hi there, Happy New Year! I’m back and I’m not going to pretend like I never left. Taking this hiatus was three things: difficult, necessary and unplanned. I hope that your holidays were peaceful and that the rest of your year is even more so. On my way back to the United States from Nigeria,Continue reading “5 hours in Madrid, Spain”

Wanderlust Wednesday #12

Hey, everyone! Sending happy mid-week vibes to you wherever you are in the world! A few months ago, I read a book titled “The little Paris bookshop” by Nina George. The main character had a floating bookshop (retirement goals) which he sailed along the Rhône river in search of healing and closure. While the bookContinue reading “Wanderlust Wednesday #12”

Wanderlust Wednesday #9

Hello everyone, Sending happy mid-week vibes to you all wherever you are in the world. Today, I’m thinking of taking a trip to what I consider to be one of the most romantic cities in Europe; Amsterdam. As kids, my siblings and I flew through Amsterdam almost every year to get to Miami. It was soContinue reading “Wanderlust Wednesday #9”