‘Friendly Footprints’ in Barbados with Teresa

This week on ‘Friendly Footprints’, Teresa talks to me about her time in Barbados; a welcome escape from New York city’s winter temps. How did you decide on Barbados as a destination? Anything for my boo Rihanna. Was hoping I would run into her. Also, Barbados is one of the few places Nigerians can visitContinue reading “‘Friendly Footprints’ in Barbados with Teresa”

The Streets of Old San Juan: Part 2

On Calle Fortaleza, a popular street, multi-colored hanging umbrellas create shade from the blistering heat and attract people in droves. The fixture is beautiful to look at, but I suppose pictures last longer.

Surrounded by Love in Cabarete, D.R.

We spent the day in Sosua on a boat. The water, a dark shade of blue, was not clear enough that you could see through it. We passed the time snorkeling, swimming, jumping off the side of the boat – to my mom’s obvious horror – and dancing to Inyang’s impressively curated Afrobeats playlist.