I Created A Digital Product: The Same Footprints Guide

This project has looked like many things over the years, but I could not be more proud of its current iteration. Now I’m sharing it with you, and I can’t wait for you to experience it! *** As a child, I did something most kids do: I asked questions. Every so often, after reading aContinue reading “I Created A Digital Product: The Same Footprints Guide”

T in Transit V: Rome

Legend has it that throwing a coin into the Trevi fountain means you will return to Rome, but by the time I make it to the Trevi, I already know I’ll be back.

T in Transit IV: Cape Town

In September, one week before my 29th birthday, I fly from Ghana to South Africa–the 5th country I’ve visited in as many weeks. It’s my second visit to South Africa this year. The first one–a brief 3-day affair that barely allowed time to leave the airport hotel in Johannesburg–was in March. Work travel goes likeContinue reading “T in Transit IV: Cape Town”