2017’s Memorable Travel Moments

I’m grateful for the places I visited that wouldn’t have made my 2017 wanderlist, the people I met on the literal and figurative road, and the unforgettable experiences that this year brought.

6 Memorable Travel Firsts

You know those memories that stick with you? The ones where you don’t need photos to recall the moments because they were so profound? Sometimes, of course, memories fade, but some seem like they’ll last forever – like these events that make up my memorable travel firsts. Amsterdam, Fall 2001 -The first time I was stranded atContinue reading “6 Memorable Travel Firsts”

A Hard Goodbye

Sunday, July 9, 2017  The Ecuador Journals: #7 Final Part  “No, I haven’t tried quimbolito, but I want to,” I said to C in Spanish. “You haven’t tried it because you haven’t come to my house”, she replied in more fluent Spanish. What followed was an invitation to her house which we regretfully turned downContinue reading “A Hard Goodbye”