T in Transit II: Oaxaca

At the end of a winding road near the mountains, is the 4-story apartment we live in for a week in Oaxaca. From the highest floor on the roof, I can see a translucent fog circling the mountain peaks. The city welcomes us with cloudy skies that promise rain. Even so, I feel drawn toContinue reading “T in Transit II: Oaxaca”

We Stayed For The Food in Coyoacán, Mexico

On the large hibachi-style grill, the cook flipped meat and the fresh tortilla shells that would hold the meat as he mouthed lyrics to the song playing in the market. It was a popular rap song and I bobbed my head to the familiar rhythm while I watched him work. In about five minutes, a large burrito and four tacos al pastor* were steaming in our faces. I forgot I wasn’t hungry.