Everyday Mexico City: A Photo Journal

It’s late enough in the morning that the streets are already packed with people who flit in and out of restaurants and stores, wait in line at taco stands and ice-cream shops, and [like me] point their cameras at or above eye-level to capture the city’s sights. I use the Zocalo [main plaza] as a startingContinue reading “Everyday Mexico City: A Photo Journal”

We Stayed For The Food in Coyoacán, Mexico

On the large hibachi-style grill, the cook flipped meat and the fresh tortilla shells that would hold the meat as he mouthed lyrics to the song playing in the market. It was a popular rap song and I bobbed my head to the familiar rhythm while I watched him work. In about five minutes, a large burrito and four tacos al pastor* were steaming in our faces. I forgot I wasn’t hungry.