Puerto Rico’s Islands: Culebra

If you’ve ever tried to get to San Blas from Panama City, Isla Baru from Cartagena, or -in our case- Culebra from San Juan, you’ll find that you need to leave early. As-the-sun-is-just-setting-up-for-its-shift kind of early. D & I know we have to wake up for 6 am but we want to go out dancing,Continue reading “Puerto Rico’s Islands: Culebra”

How I Travel.

Hi there! Now, this is a story all about how…I travel? It doesn’t quite work with the “Fresh Prince” melody but I’ll  go with it. Since I started a blog, I’ve been getting questions about “how I travel”. These questions come in various ways but the theme is usually the same. Before I started travelingContinue reading “How I Travel.”