‘Friendly Footprints’ in Barbados with Teresa

This week on ‘Friendly Footprints’, Teresa talks to me about her time in Barbados; a welcome escape from New York city’s winter temps. How did you decide on Barbados as a destination? Anything for my boo Rihanna. Was hoping I would run into her. Also, Barbados is one of the few places Nigerians can visitContinue reading “‘Friendly Footprints’ in Barbados with Teresa”

Surrounded by Love in Cabarete, D.R.

We spent the day in Sosua on a boat. The water, a dark shade of blue, was not clear enough that you could see through it. We passed the time snorkeling, swimming, jumping off the side of the boat – to my mom’s obvious horror – and dancing to Inyang’s impressively curated Afrobeats playlist.

That Black Girl in The Dominican Republic.

It was my first service trip. I was still studying psychology at Rutgers University and had a budding interest in community service. So in the summer of 2013, I swapped classes for a plane ticket and traveled with a group of 18 other students to the D.R’s capital city – Santo Domingo.