Travel With My Family: My Favorite Moments

This is me openly reminiscing about some of my favorite travel moments with my family.  Calabar to Oron, Akwa Ibom: Almost every year on the 25th of December, a day that we celebrated for obvious reasons (Christmas) and because it marked 2 birthdays in the family, we would leave Calabar for Oron by car orContinue reading “Travel With My Family: My Favorite Moments”

6 Memorable Travel Firsts

You know those memories that stick with you? The ones where you don’t need photos to recall the moments because they were so profound? Sometimes, of course, memories fade, but some seem like they’ll last forever – like these events that make up my memorable travel firsts. Amsterdam, Fall 2001 -The first time I was stranded atContinue reading “6 Memorable Travel Firsts”