Letters from the Central Coast #1

On a warm September afternoon, we drive south in a rented SUV from Oakland to Paso Robles–a wine town on California’s Central Coast.

Cascade Falls, Lake Tahoe

From a viewpoint along the trail, the deep blue expanse of Lake Tahoe is clearly visible. I hear the water running before we see it; fast and free over jagged, slippery rock.

September in San Diego: a photo journal

Balboa park is filled with people who buy berry-flavored gelato or pose for photos at one of many picturesque spots. a girl hands me her phone and then jumps into her partner’s arms. wrapping her legs around his torso, she presses a cheek close to his—smiling. I snap as many shots as possible, freezing the moment, and trying but failing to hide a smile of my own.

A Weekend in L.A.

Yemi and I are in the backseat of her parent’s car listening as they recount wistful memories from living in Los Angeles. “A straight bus down Wilshire is essentially a tour of L.A.” Aunt E. says as we pass by familiar places—the second-story apartment one of her kids jumped down from, LACMA, someone’s old school.Continue reading “A Weekend in L.A.”