Letters from the Central Coast #2

I pull Yemi up from her chair to dance, twirling her around and spinning in a circle when she twirls me. We continue like this until claps erupt from a table nearby and send both of us into a fit of laughter.

Letters from the Central Coast #1

On a warm September afternoon, we drive south in a rented SUV from Oakland to Paso Robles–a wine town on California’s Central Coast.

Friendly Footprints in Tokyo with Zainab

Zainab loves to travel, and for as long as I can remember, she’s moved around the globe; living in London, the U.S, Nigeria, and most recently – Thailand. Today on Friendly Footprints, Zainab talks to me about a “magical” trip to Tokyo, Japan.

Friendly Footprints in Montana w/ Fred.

Everyone I’ve interviewed for Friendly Footprints talked to me about travel before COVID-19. Today, Fred talks to me about a stunning trip to Montana during the pandemic.