I Created A Digital Product: The Same Footprints Guide

This project has looked like many things over the years, but I could not be more proud of its current iteration. Now I’m sharing it with you, and I can’t wait for you to experience it!


As a child, I did something most kids do: I asked questions. Every so often, after reading a book set in a distant place, I would overwhelm my dad with questions about visiting. “What’s happening there” he’d respond, and I would see his question as a challenge to share all I knew about the place, trying hard to convince him we needed to GO and see “what’s happening there”.

Akosombo, Ghana

Fast forward to adulthood. I’m still curious about the world, though I no longer need to ask my dad if we can visit destinations. If I want to go somewhere, and it’s safe and accessible for me, I’ll go. I don’t need a detailed itinerary. However, after years of traveling with friends and family, I learned people want the details; they want the promise of a memorable vacation, especially if they’re going to spend money to visit.

Lake Tahoe, California

To get that detail, you need research, and research is the bane of travel planning. It’s often tedious and time-consuming, and there’s a lot of overwhelming information out there. So I created a product to mitigate that; to reduce your information overload and take the stress and guesswork out of your travel plans. To help you answer the question “what’s happening there” or some version of it.

Cartagena, Colombia

Maybe you want to know how to enjoy a weekend in a city you’ve never visited; maybe you prefer recommendations from a friend to scrolling the internet for hours; maybe you’re the one who likes to book your flight and show up, leaving the planning to anybody else. Good news, I designed the Same Footprints Guide for you.

Inside each guide, you will find detailed advice for things to do, places to eat, drink, and stay; and expert tips from my personal experiences. When you request a guide, you will have 20 cities to choose from, all of which I have either visited on vacation or lived in. I will draw from my many travel journals and recorded memories to create inspiration for your next memorable adventure.

Download A Free Same Footprints Guide Here: http://bit.ly/3DqGGFH

(This shows what you can expect from the guides. Save for use on your next trip, or share it with a friend)

It has been both a joy and a pain to build and share this product, but now that it’s out there, I cannot wait for you to get your hands on it. 

Request A Same Footprints Guide Here: http://bit.ly/3J2FJHe

I’m excited to see what adventures the Same Footprints Guide leads you to!

Playa Grande, Costa Rica


Keep reading for a detailed FAQ section that provides more information on the guide; including cost, method of delivery, what this product does NOT include, and more.


How much does the Same Footprints Guide cost? 3-day guides are $99. 24hr “Mini-Guides” are $30.  

How do I request the Same Footprints Guide? You can request a guide through this form here: https://tally.so/r/nGeboQ

Where do I pay? At the end of the form linked above, you will see a PayPal link for payment. 

What if I do not have PayPal? You will need to create a PayPal account to pay via PayPal. Set up takes ~5 minutes. PayPal is a secure and trusted method of payment. You can read more about PayPal security here: https://www.paypal.com/li/webapps/mpp/paypal-safety-and-security

Who can I reach out to if I have issues with the request form or payment? If you run into any issues with the form or payment, please send me an email at [hello@samefootprints.com]

Does the Same Footprints Guide include flight, hotel, and transportation bookings? No, the Same Footprints Guide is strictly an activity-focused itinerary with recommendations for places to stay and how to get around. There are no bookings involved. 

What if I want a guide for 5 days or longer? I’m glad you want to spend more time exploring! But for now, I can only accommodate 3-day guides. I hope the guide you purchase gives you the confidence to plan a longer trip for yourself!

How will I receive my guide? Via email. When your guide is ready, I will email you a password-protected PDF to download.

I am not satisfied with my guide. What do I do? I appreciate you trusting me with your travel plans, so I will do my best to provide you with a guide you’ll be happy with. However, if you are unsatisfied with your guide, I am happy to schedule a consult with you to make changes. This will be a one-time consult. After this, I will not make further changes to the guide. 

Can I gift the Same Footprints Guide? Yes! This is a wonderful gift for someone whose love language is “acts of service”. If you know where the person is visiting, ‌fill out a form on their behalf, share their email with me, let me know it is a gift, and I will deliver it on your behalf.

For any other inquiries, please send me an email at [hello@samefootprints.com.]

Thank you so much for reading, and safe travels! 

With Love,


Same Footprints, Different Sands


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