A weekend at Lake Tahoe

In April, Lake Tahoe is in transition from winter to spring. Snow has stopped falling to the ground and instead clings to mountain peaks. April 16: Rays of amber light flood the living room of our rented apartment as the sun sets over Lake Tahoe. I pull out my phone to film the scene, struckContinue reading “A weekend at Lake Tahoe”

Summertime in Miami

When I lived in Nigeria, I looked forward to summer and the end of the school year because it meant visiting my parents in Miami.

My Weekend in Ghana

In Akosombo, a town in Ghana’s Volta Region, we spend part of the afternoon seeing the Volta River by speedboat. Harmattan fog blocks out any glimpse of sunlight, coloring the sky a light grey. I run my fingers through the river, enjoying the rush of cool water against my skin.

Letters from the Central Coast #2

I pull Yemi up from her chair to dance, twirling her around and spinning in a circle when she twirls me. We continue like this until claps erupt from a table nearby and send both of us into a fit of laughter.