Summertime in Miami

When I lived in Nigeria, I looked forward to summer and the end of the school year because it meant visiting my parents in Miami.

Cringe-Worthy Travel Stories

At this point, my default is to laugh at myself because cringe-worthy moments follow me around like a lost puppy does a stranger. Keep reading for some laughable, hide-your-face moments from my travels. Involuntary Nudity In retrospect, when I packed my bathing suits for my stay in the Dominican Republic, I didn’t think it through.Continue reading “Cringe-Worthy Travel Stories”

How I Travel.

Hi there! Now, this is a story all about how…I travel? It doesn’t quite work with the “Fresh Prince” melody but I’ll  go with it. Since I started a blog, I’ve been getting questions about “how I travel”. These questions come in various ways but the theme is usually the same. Before I started travelingContinue reading “How I Travel.”