I’ve got the Chicago blues

Hello & Happy Friday! Pleased to bring back your regularly scheduled programming. I’m rounding the Chicago series up with this post, but I’m excited because the end of one thing usually signals the beginning of another. The last two days spent in Chicago were filled with lots of walking, sightseeing, face-stuffing, you know, the usual.Continue reading “I’ve got the Chicago blues”

A Nice Helping of Fearlessness

Hey everyone, I don’t know how you all are feeling about it being Friday but I’m more relieved than usual. I’ve had a rollercoaster week, so I’m looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend at home. For me, that usually includes a good book, some good old-fashioned binge-watching, and music (Bon Iver’s self -titled album is oftenContinue reading “A Nice Helping of Fearlessness”

That’s that Chicago…

If you know the rest of those lyrics, have a quick jam session with me while you read this post. The song is “Pop Style” by Drake. Let me be real with you for a second. I only went to Chicago to “run into” Chance the Rapper. Chance, if you’re reading this, you’re the best.Continue reading “That’s that Chicago…”