An Afternoon in Bushwick, Brooklyn

If there’s one thing I miss about living on the east coast, it’s being a short flight away from New York. 

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Bushwick is to NY what Wynwood is to Miami. An outdoor art gallery, with ever-changing pieces by a diverse group of artists. The Bushwick Collective – started and curated by Brooklyn native Joeseph Ficalora- has no doubt brought more popularity to the neighborhood, which depending on who you ask could either be a good or bad thing. I decided to forego the free walking tours and opted instead to walk around on my own.

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Art by GIZ NYC

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Unlike Wynwood, whose streets are filled with bars, restaurants, shops and art galleries, Bushwick felt less commercial.

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With my iPhone and a newly purchased bottle of Malbec that doubled as a tripod for self-portraits, I spent an hour and some walking around the quiet streets.

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Art by Adam Fu

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Art by AC2 BSK


Some of the featured art may not be associated with the collective and is the work of other street artists. I tagged as many artists as possible but there is an Instagram page dedicated to showcasing the collective’s artwork and its creators.

Do you look for spaces with murals when you travel or have a favorite place to find art in your city? Let me know in the comments section.


As always, 

thank you for reading!

All photos shot and edited on iPhone 8+

+ find more of my afternoon in NY series here and here.

same footprints, different sands



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