Wanderlust Wednesday #4

Hello lovely people,

Happy Hump Day! “Wanderlust Wednesday” 4 is the result of a good hour and half spent on Pinterest.

I’m so enchanted by it right now, that if you woke me up and said “choose an island nation to visit”, you’d hear me say Malta. It might be a bit incoherent but you’ll hear it.

Located just south of Sicily in the Mediterranean, Malta is home to cute little towns, several beautiful beaches, a rich history, & tropical weather. The nation is made up of several smaller islands that can be conveniently accessed by car or ferry. It’s the perfect excuse to not stay in one place.

What I want to do : 1) I will not pass up the opportunity to scuba dive in the Mediterranean Sea. Some of my friends will read this with pride in their hearts. Haha! The Mediterranean is my motivation to overcome my fears. 2) Lay out on the warm sand in Ramla Bay… and all the other bays. 3) Visit Wied il-Għasri. This hidden gem is apparently a bit difficult to get to, but that probably means it will be a lot less crowed! 4) Visit the capital city of Valleta.

West view of Ramla Bay, Gozo
Ramla Bay


What I want to see : 1) If you’re a fan of Game of thrones, you might recognize this one. It’s the Azure window in Gozo. I’m not sure that I have words to describe what seeing this would be like. I might just stand with my mouth open for a couple of minutes. 2) Blue Lagoon in Comino. Again, gaping mouth. 3)Popeye Village In the city of Mellieħa, this was originally built as a set for the musical film “Popeye”.

Azure Window
Blue Lagoon
Popeye Village on the banks of Anchor Bay
Popeye Village

What I want to eat: In Miami, I had a horrible experience at a restaurant that put me off all things Mediterranean cuisine. However, I am not one to hold a grudge – especially not with food- so a second chance will be given. I would probably try the island’s gbejniet (cheese) on some fresh bread, and ftira which is a Gozitan pizza.

Is Malta high up on your travel bucket list? It’s definitely top 5 on mine. If it’s not, which destinations are currently on your mind? Leave a comment to let me know.

Until next Wednesday, keep dreaming!

Thanks for reading!

Photos culled from Google Images (free to use filter used)

same footprints, different sands


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