Above the Sonoran Desert

At 5:30 am, darkness clings to the sky above Phoenix. My eyes are still heavy with sleep when we walk out of our Airbnb and onto the waiting tour bus. The purr of an idling engine and bird songs in the distance are the loudest sounds this morning. Our driver, -J- a chatty middle-aged man,Continue reading “Above the Sonoran Desert”

Along the Pacific Coast Highway

Our drive towards the Pacific Coast Highway starts in Oakland and takes us through the seaside towns of Monterey and Carmel-by-the-Sea, and along the swirling mountain roads of Big Sur.

A weekend at Lake Tahoe

In April, Lake Tahoe is in transition from winter to spring. Snow has stopped falling to the ground and instead clings to mountain peaks. April 16: Rays of amber light flood the living room of our rented apartment as the sun sets over Lake Tahoe. I pull out my phone to film the scene, struckContinue reading “A weekend at Lake Tahoe”

Summertime in Miami

When I lived in Nigeria, I looked forward to summer and the end of the school year because it meant visiting my parents in Miami.