Eating Through NYC: Part 2

Hi & Happy Friday, May your weekend be less stressful than mine! So, this is probably¬†going to be a thing. I go to New York City, eat great food, then tell all of you about it. If you feel like you’re getting the lesser end of this deal, you’re correct. No, I’m kidding. Grab aContinue reading “Eating Through NYC: Part 2”

Wanderlust Wednesday #13

Hi everyone, Sending happy mid-week vibes to you wherever you are in the world! I’ve been intrigued with today’s location since I watched Anthony Bourdain cover it (mostly it’s cuisine) on Parts Unknown. Do any of you watch that? If yes, we are kindred spirits. On this particular episode, he visited Montreal, Quebec and proceededContinue reading “Wanderlust Wednesday #13”