When I think about the places I’ve visited over the years, from childhood to now, it saddens me to see that my home continent barely features on that list. Despite living in Nigeria for over 13 years, I only visited three states and two neighboring countries. Paltry. Insufficient. Over the next three years, I hope to have added at least 5 more locations to that list. For now, I’m content to live through some of my favorite travel bloggers who use their travels to show sides to THE African Continent you might not be accustomed to seeing.

Today’s post celebrates travel within Africa with a focus on the beautiful Tanzanian island of Zanzibar. 

Zanzibar is a region in East Africa off the coast of the Indian Ocean. It’s capital city Stone Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site whose photos I’ve seen so many times, my mind can now trick me into believing I’ve visited.

Whenever I travel, I love to walk around cities, look at buildings, take photos and learning about the city’s history. Sure, I can learn on the internet but if I have the opportunity to be taught by a local historian, I’ll take it.

Stone Town, Zanzibar

To visit an island is to visit its waters, especially when those waters belong to the Indian Ocean which I’ve never seen (or snorkeled in). I wonder what species of fish I can expertly avoid in there. The turquoise waters I’ve only seen in photos are the sort of images my dreams are made of.

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The Rock, Zanzibar

If I woke up tomorrow in a restaurant in the middle of the ocean, I would try not to question how I got there. I’d just enjoy it. This is what I imagine most people do when they visit Zanzibar’s famous “The Rock” restaurant. Depending on the tide, you can either wade in the water or take a boat to the restaurant. One seafood lunch overlooking the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, thank you.

Nungwi, Zanzibar – Mnarani Marine Turtle Conservation Pond 

Although I probably wouldn’t get into the water with so many turtles, the aquarium in Nungwi, Zanzibar looks like it would be worth the visit. I would be content to stand on the sidelines and watch + photograph the turtles, but I’d be hard-pressed to go in. I admire animals but I’m usually not comfortable being close to them.

On Zanzibar, I left a comment on Lee of Spirited Pursuit blog saying:

Lee, your shots are unbelievably beautiful!! I’ve been trying to plan trips to see more countries on my home continent, and I think I’m definitely going to start with Zanzibar! Wow. It’s amazing that you’re able to share this.

I meant every word. I would like to spend a week traveling through Zanzibar, walking on the oceanfront, eating lychee and fresh seafood, learning Zanzibar’s history and culture and marveling at the fact that places like this exist.

Is Zanzibar on your to-visit list? What would you want to get up to? Leave me a comment to let me know, and if you live in Nigeria, keep reading to see how you can win flight tickets from Travel Start to experience all of these & possibly more in Zanzibar.


Founded in Sweden by Stephan Ekbergh, Travel Start is a South African-based travel tech company whose aim is to provide its consumers with affordable fares to several destinations, across different airlines. In celebration of their 6th birthday, you can win 2 plane tickets for a trip from Lagos, Nigeria to Zanzibar. Head to my twitter @tiiese and follow the instructions. Goodluck! 

All photos sourced from Instagram. Each owner is linked to the photo. To see more you can check out destinationzanzibar on Instagram.

Thank you to TravelStartNG for sponsoring this post & Happy 6th Birthday. 

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thank you for reading!

Same Footprints, Different Sands

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  1. Heeey! I see me! 🙂 Thanks Tiese. Can’t wait to read about your trip when you visit. I know you’ll have an amazing time and maybe change your mind about swimming with turtles 🙂


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