Wanderlust Wednesday #15

Hello there!

I haven’t written one of these in a while but I felt inspired to pen one today. Since my last #WanderlustWednesday post, I’ve added a few destinations to the never ending travel list and this group of islands is one of them. Never mind that there’s currently $300 in travel credit available for me to use if I happen to visit any of them in 2017.

If you keep up with travel news, you probably already know where I’m talking about – The. U.S Virgin Islands (St.Thomas, St Croix & St. John). In celebration of their 100th anniversary under U.S control (previously Danish control), the U.S Virgin islands is offering $300 to visitors who are there for a minimum of 3 nights. The catch is that you have to use the money towards exploring the islands, which doesn’t sound like anything out of the ordinary.

All I could think of as I read the news was “when is the cheapest month to visit?”.

$300 is a tidy sum, so here’s what I’d get up to.

1. Walk the cinnamon bay trail : I LOVE a good hike!. Especially when I’m on vacation eating food for two. This trail runs through the Virgin Islands National Park with stunning views of the bay and the nearby mountain range.

Photo by John Kernan

2.Fly in a seaplane: If any of you watch The Bachelor, you know they’re currently in St.Thomas. On the previous episode, Nick (the bachelor) + Kristina started their date with a seaplane ride.I’m not going to lie, I have a thing about small planes; but hey, if anything goes wrong, I just fall into the water and swim right? right?

Photo by Prayitno

3. Snorkel around the Buck Island Reef: Snorkeling is not my favorite activity as I feel like it takes way too much energy. Maybe I’m doing it wrong? However, the waters of the reef look so beautiful that I don’t think I can pass this one up.

Photo by IslandErin
Fire Coral. Photo by Jaro Nemčok

4. Ride the cable car @ Paradise Point: Ah! I have ALWAYS wanted to ride in a cable car. Period.

Views from Paradise Point by Matt Wade

5. Lay out on the beach: If you’ve kept up with me over the past 6 months, you know I cannot be separated from the beach. I mean, it’s also appropriate for this post because the U.S Virgin Islands have some beautiful beaches!!.

Coki Point Beach by Jenn Kahalau
Bellows Bay Beach by Jenn Kahalau
Honeymoon beach by Navin75

Have any of you been to the U.S Virgin Islands? Is there anything missing from my list? And if you haven’t been, clearly 2017 has just given you (and me) the green light!

Keep dreaming & thank you for reading!

Thank you to Thrillist for the news.

same footprints, different sands


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