“The Happiest Place on Earth” : Part 1

Hello everyone & happy Friday, Whether or not you’re a fan of Disney world, land, movies, toys… you’ve probably heard the phrase “the happiest place on earth“. In case you haven’t, it’s the tagline used for Disney parks all around the world; and I wholeheartedly agree with it. 😄 Eventually, I’d like to visit all theContinue reading ““The Happiest Place on Earth” : Part 1″


Wanderlust Wednesday #7

Hi there & happy Wednesday, When I was really young, I thought Iceland was equivalent to Antartica; just ice, snow and more ice. Now don’t get me wrong, the island has ice and snow but it’s no Antartica. A lot has changed since I was younger – in terms of knowledge – and recently I’veContinue reading “Wanderlust Wednesday #7”

Wanderlust Wednesday #6

Hello beautiful people, It’s my birthday today!  *cue streamers and balloons*!! To any reader out there who’s a year older today, Happy Birthday! It’s been 6 weeks of Wanderlust Wednesday already and I don’t know about you guys but all it’s doing for me is increasing the length of my travel bucket list. If thisContinue reading “Wanderlust Wednesday #6”

I’ve got the Chicago blues

Hello & Happy Friday! Pleased to bring back your regularly scheduled programming. I’m rounding the Chicago series up with this post, but I’m excited because the end of one thing usually signals the beginning of another. The last two days spent in Chicago were filled with lots of walking, sightseeing, face-stuffing, you know, the usual.Continue reading “I’ve got the Chicago blues”

Wanderlust Wednesday #5

Hello everyone, As I write this, I imagine myself having lunch outside a nice little restaurant that overlooks the Aegean Sea. In my mind, this is what an afternoon in Santorini, Greece would look like. Santorini is actually part of a group of islands in the Aegean Sea that formed from several volcanic eruptions. In fact,Continue reading “Wanderlust Wednesday #5”