The Start of Something…

Hey everyone, Happy Friday! Tomorrow I will be moving to Ecuador, South America for 2 months to conduct some public health research. While I’m there, my goal is to learn from my experiences, from those of others and create something that will impact people’s lives positively even after I’m gone. As I do all ofContinue reading “The Start of Something…”

How I Travel.

Hi there! Now, this is a story all about how…I travel? It doesn’t quite work with the “Fresh Prince” melody but I’ll  go with it. Since I started a blog, I’ve been getting questions about “how I travel”. These questions come in various ways but the theme is usually the same. Before I started travelingContinue reading “How I Travel.”

Wanderlust Wednesday #15

Hello there! I haven’t written one of these in a while but I felt inspired to pen one today. Since my last #WanderlustWednesday post, I’ve added a few destinations to the never ending travel list and this group of islands is one of them. Never mind that there’s currently $300 in travel credit available forContinue reading “Wanderlust Wednesday #15”